Ramasoft at Andersen's professional day

December, 2023
Proudly announcing that Ramasoft played a significant role at the largest professional event in the history organized by Andersen Tax Advisory Ltd., focusing on the 2024 tax changes. Our participation in the event provided an opportunity to directly share our innovative solutions with the interested audience.
Among the changes outlined by Andersen, the introduction of the eVAT system received special attention at Ramasoft. During the event, we not only gained insights into the changes but also presented the developments and solutions through which Ramasoft assists its clients in handling the new challenges.
Our featured speaker at the event, Márton Radnai, CEO of Ramasoft Data Provider and Information Technology Ltd., provided a detailed presentation on the practical functioning of Taxatron, Ramasoft's M2M eVAT application. This presentation not only showcased software but also emphasized that Ramasoft offers value to its clients in terms of quick and efficient solutions.
Furthermore, the event facilitated closer collaboration with Andersen's key personnel and other expert guests. Through constructive dialogues, Ramasoft remains committed to providing high-quality services and closely collaborating with clients to assist them in navigating changes in the tax environment.

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New clients

July, 2023
The year 2023 has been a very successful one for Ramasoft so far, with four new customers signed.
The company prepares consolidated ESEF reports for WINGHOLDING Ltd. and OTP Plc., while it prepares individual ESEF reports for Amixa Holding Ltd. and Eprolius Real Estate Plc.
This client expansion creates new opportunities for Ramasoft, further strengthening the company's market position.
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December, 2022

This year is particularly important for Ramasoft, as it celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this year.

The event was held at a gala dinner on 22 November at the Budapest Marriott Hotel*****.

Among those present, we welcomed current and former colleagues, as well as partners and customers who have been with us for twenty-five years.

Dr. Márton Radnai, CEO, summarized the two and a half decades of the company's history, mentioning the main milestones and future plans.

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October, 2022
We’re happy to announce that Ramasoft Ltd. is going to participate in Budapest's Tech Jobs Fair 2022 which will be held on 03rd November at the Óbuda University G building, Budapest Tavaszmezo 14-18.
This job fair aims to bridge the gap between Jobseekers from the digital & tech industry and hiring companies.
For more information about the event, please visit here.
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New partnership

October, 2020

Our company has expanded with another partnership in the person of the french Invoke.

In 2020, listed companies will face a new challenge of ESEF compliance. Following a number of XBRL projects this year, we have decided to provide assistance to not only financial institutions but also listed companies to convert their reports to the iXBRL format. The preparation of reports in the format and content required by the Directive 2004/109 / EU (the so-called Transparency Directve) and Regulation 2018/815 / EU (the so-called ESEF RTS) is a complex task, so we looked for a highly experienced market player and we have chosen Invoke's solution. In order to disseminate the Invoke ESEF solution in Hungary, the two companies have decided to cooperate: Ramasoft Adatszolgáltató és Informatikai Zrt. distributes the Invoke ESEF solution in Hungary and provides professional (education, consulting, and parameterization) and support (help desk) services to it in Hungarian.

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Are you ready for Basel IV?

May, 2019

We are pleased to share the news with everybody interested in the publication of the second volume of the Handbook of capital adequacy. The new volume summarizes recent changes and provides up-to-date information on current Basel regulations. If you are interested, you will find our book soon in the bookstores. More details can be found here:

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Stress test development for Erste Bank

August, 2018

Last year we started a new project for Erste Bank. Our customer’s request was the development of MNB's stress tests, both in Varitron and Creditron systems. Thanks to the long-lasting hard work the result was born in summer.


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Creditron project at the savings integration

July, 2018

The members of the savings integration, such as the Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti  Bank, the Takarék Kereskedelmi Bank, the Takarék Jelzálogbank and the domestic mutual savings banks move to a common information system. For this reason, they have asked us to prepare a common Creditron system, which simultaneously helps to prepare the COREP reports for all entities. The introduction was launched last year and is still ongoing. The results are positive, reports of MTB and mutual savings banks are already being produced from this system. In the next step the Takarék group (formerly known as FHB) will also join the new system, so all the institutions that are involved in the integration will produce reports in this system.


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Pozitron implementation at Diófa

March, 2018

Our first project with the Diófa Fund Management Ltd. ended in March . We extended Pozitron with management functions (planning, real-time limit control). In the next step we introduce our Varitron software, too, so we can help with risk management.

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Happy Birthday Ramasoft!

October, 2017

This year is extremely important for Ramasoft, as it celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its existence. A gala dinner was held on October 26 at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Among our guests, we were able to greet our current and former colleagues and our partners and customers alike. Dr. Márton Radnai CEO, summed up the history of the company for the two decades, mentioning the main milestones in view of future plans.

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The first aSISt client in Hungary – Aegon Hungary

August, 2017

GPM and Ramasoft implemented aSISt universal Solvency II reporting system in their first common project for Aegon Hungary General Insurance Ltd. aSISt is a modern universal reporting system which supports the preparation of mandatory reports to the banking and insurance sector regulators especially in XBRL format (e.g. COREP, FINREP, Solvency, etc.). The work started in early April and has been completed in 1,5 months. The insurance company has been using the software to prepare and validate its reports.

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Robot building at high level

July, 2017

RoboTeam Fazekas was able to get out of First Global Challenge, which was held in Washington this year. The First Global Challenge is looking for students from 15 to 18 years old from all over the world who are robust in robot construction. We are happy to report that the hard, sacred work has born fruit and the young Hungarians have won the prestigious competition. We can really be proud of them. Our company was happy to support future generations in the research work that promotes development. We would also like to congratulate the team and their mentor, Zsuzsa Karsai!

Finally, some videos for those who want to learn more about robot building:

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