Data service - Daily product and price data service

Oprisk - Operational risk management system

Creditron - Basel III. reporting system

Pozitron - Front office asset management system

Varitron - Risk management and reporting system

  • MBH Bank Olc.
    Creditron, Data service, Oprisk, Varitron
  • Gránit Bank Ltd.
    Creditron, Data service, Varitron
  • SIGNAL IDUNA Fund Invest Fund Management Ltd.
    Data service
  • Alfa Vienna Insurance Group Insurance Ltd.
  • OTP Bank Plc.
    Creditron, Data service, Invoke ESEF, Varitron
    Invoke ESEF
  • Amixa Holding Plc.
    ESEF individual report
  • Eprolius Property Plc.
    ESEF individual report
  • OTP Real Estate Investment Fund Manager Ltd.
    ESEF individual report
  • OTP Fund Manager Ltd.
    ESEF individual report
  • Hungarian Export-Import Bank Ltd.
    ESEF individual report
  • Hungarian Post Insurance Ltd
  • KBC Asset Management N.V.
    ESEF individual report
  • eSense Plc.
    Invoke ESEF
  • Hungarian Telekom Plc.
    Invoke ESEF
  • Masterplast Plc.
    Invoke ESEF

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