The Varitron risk management system automates trading book reporting (as prescribed for all EU countries by Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 as of 2014) for financial institutions, and enables institutions to base their internal risk management processes on VAR. The system enjoys a market share of around 90% in Hungary, and is currently used at 25 financial institutions.







Creditron quantifies the credit risk capital requirements prescribed by Regulation (EU) No 575/2013. The software generates internal and regulatory (COREP (ITS) and Large Exposure (LE)) reports. Another key function is the provision of the data necessary for consolidated reports to parent banks. The system is currently used at six financial institutions.







The Pozitron front-office asset management, advisory and risk management system allows clients, investment advisors and asset managers to monitor their activities. The system features several technical and functional innovations, making it competitive on both the local and international markets. It is currently used at four financial institutions.







Oprisk Manager Software handles all areas of operational risk management in an integrated manner. It lends itself to capital requirement reduction, P&L improvement by preventing losses, and supports efficiency-enhancing actions.







ATOME: Particles

ATOME is developed by Ramasoft's Polish partner. It is a modern, universal reporting system that supports mandatory reporting in the insurance sector, especially in XBRL format (EBA, Solvency II).