Pozitron goes live at Raiffeisen

November, 2012

After a test period, Pozitron is now in live production, meaning that Raiffeisen Bank has also joined the ranks of our partners who chose Pozitron to manage their client portfolios.

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Pozitron at Quantis Alpha Ltd.

October, 2012

Since October, Quantis Alpha has been using our software to monitor their investment and asset management activities.

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Varitron and Pozitron at QUANTIS Alpha Investment Ltd.

November, 2011

QUANTIS Alpha, the newest member of the BROKERNET Group, decided to implement Varitron to support risk management tasks and Pozitron to support investment and asset management consulting processes. The development of the new functions and the integration of the systems will start at the end of the year.

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Pozitron project has begun at Raiffeisen Bank

September, 2011

Following the first launch of Pozitron at Erste, a new implementation project is underway at Raiffeisen Bank. After the design phase, we are going to start working on developing the new functions and defining the interfaces.

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Live production of Varitron at Banco Popolare

May, 2011

Implementation has been successfully completed, at Banco Popolare as well, where trading book reports are already being made using Varitron.

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Live production of Varitron at Magnet Bank

April, 2011

The implementation of Varitron has been finished. From now on, Varitron helps the Bank with market risk management and preparation of trading book reports. 

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Varitron implementation starts at Banco Popolare

December, 2010

Work will start this year to ensure that the Bank can use both Varitron modules as soon as possible.

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MagNet Hungarian Community Bank has chosen Varitron

November, 2010

This bank (formerly known as the HBW Express Bank) has chosen Varitron to manage risks and prepare trading book reports. Implementation is already underway after the signing of the contract in November.

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Pozitron in live production at Erste Investment Ltd

June, 2010

After a successful test period, Pozitron has started its live operation, making Erste the first (and, temporarily, the only) investment company that uses Pozitron to advise clients.

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Testing of Pozitron starts at Erste Investment Ltd.

December, 2009

Thanks to the enduring work of project members, the specification and the development of the new Pozitron functions and the integration with the other systems have been completed. The test can start. 

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Professional Day

December, 2009

This year the Professional Day was organized in InterContinental Hotel in Budapest. We introduced the latest information about the calculation of capital requirements and review the tasks related to this in our systems (Varitron, Quant, Creditron). The participants could get the latest information about the Pozitron asset management front-office, consulting and risk management system and the website as well. The event gave an opportunity to celebrate the 10th birthday of Varitron software and to surprise the developers of Varitron and the guests with a huge cake. 

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Activating Varitron at Duna Savings Co-operative

August, 2009

Our project has come to an end at Duna Savings Co-operative. The system has started its active operation on 10th August 2009.

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